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What is Stockpair? is a trading platform that is at the top of the leading online brokers in the binary options trading market in the world of finance. Stockpair is a fully regulated, reliable, controlled, exhaustive and clear broker in all aspects and processes of each transaction in binary operations. It has one of the best regulations to pay its customers and has a web platform that we can say is among the most technologically advanced in the market. In recent time, Stockpair has launched KIKO options which are it’s another unique way of operating binaries. It has no any expiry period of this newly launched binary option. It is a little surprising that worldwide over 100 diverse countries are using Stockpair in their trading. Stockpair is being controlled by the Nextrade Worldwide Ltd. and it is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC), their license number is 229/14. And controlled by NXB Financial Services Ltd. and it is run by Belize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) and their license number is IFSC/60/346/TS/14.

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Stockpair: Is it a scam?

Stockpair is a very well-known name in the field of the binary trading group. And also it has earned a lot of reputation from the traders because of its unique binary options system. There are many other traders who have learned from and they have applied binary options in their trading. In order to build a reputation, they have worked very hard in the last 5 years. Support services from Stockpair are really remarkable, they are providing 24/7 online support and also they are offering services with 11 diverse languages and also they have provided 7 different local contact details for 7 countries.

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Simple and Automatic Trading Platform

The company has designed a trading platform very oriented to the purely visual so that you can have at a glance, a joint vision of all the information that is offered at any time. Stockpair seeks to see prices clearly, wants access to data easy, simple and fast. So, strive every day to work in comfort and you can concentrate on what is really needed and not on useless information. is specially designed so the traders trade financial market easily. Traders can trade on their own risk appetite from $ 20 to $ 6000. Whether traders are beginners or experienced, the unique tools and features are very well designed that everyone can trade it easily. also provides iOS and Android App so the trader can easily download onto their mobile phones and they can trade on the go.

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Unique Features has already usual features like “Trading Sentiment Indicate” and “Early close” but now they have launched many new products such as Trading Indicator and Technical Analysis Charts and. We will understand these two new tools in the following sections:

Technical Analysis Charts:

This new feature provides technical indicators like moving average, RSI and Bollinger bands. Indicators really enhance the analysis that traders can trade without having another option from another party diagram package.

Trading Indicator:

Trading Indicator is another unique tool from Stockpair. It is really a market forecast signal. It is using concurrent algorithms. This tool helps traders to trade odds by forecasting in which way an asset is supposed to go in next 1 hour, 4 hours and 24 hours of time frames. Its reliability is coded with different colors from the range from one to ten. So, traders can rely on the prediction shown by this tool and take trading decisions. However, this tool is only for those who are holding a higher trading account or Gold account. Click here to visit the site.

Types of Trading:

Two types of contracts have been categorized at Stockpair – Up/Down Binaries and Pair Options:

Up/Down Binaries

This binary option is classified into KIKO option or classic binaries. This is the very simple type of binary option to trade. All the traders just have to decide prices with the high end or low end than the initial price upon ending of the choices.

Pair Options:

  • Fixed Pairs:

This Fixed pair’s option is the result of a trading of the fixed pairing option that decided on the basis of how the two chosen assets execute in relative to each other from the time of the selection purchase to the expiry of the option.

  • Floating Pairs:

The result of this pair option is based on the assets’ performance. Relative performance is counted down from the starting of the programmed phase rather than the beginning of a trading entry.

Trading Accounts: understands very well that there are different types of traders and their needs so they have designed 4 types of premium accounts and 1 form of nonpremium.

  • Non-Premium Account

In this account, a minimum deposit is $200

  • Silver Account

$1000 is the minimum deposit

Traders can invest maximum $ 1000 per trading

Limit of total investment amount is $ 6000

They are eligible for cash back 0.5% Per Month

For cash back, Minimum Monthly Trading Volume is $10,000

  • Gold Account

Minimum $ 5000 deposit

Maximum Investment limit is $6000 per trading

Total Investment they can up to $18000

They are eligible for cash back 1% Per Month

Minimum Monthly Trading Volume for Cash Back $25,000.

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Comment below if you have used Stockpair earlier. If you have not used it yet, just signup using the link below. We also have a refer your friend offer for this account. If you have a friend who can be benefitted by this broker, get them registered and send us their details to claim a $50 gift from us.

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