How to get started with Trading?

There are thousands of people who know trading is one of the sources of earning while you are at home. But still, there are just 2 out of 100 people who actually trade and make their living out of it. So, here is the article that will help the remaining 98% of the people to make a career out of the various trading brokers available here, and on the right side of your computer screen. Here are the stepwise instructions of what you need to know after signing up with your favorite broker.

Trade with a demo account

This is a must do if you are using the platform for the first time. All the trading platforms have different layouts and have different spaces where you can place a trade and select an asset. Moreover, there may not be your favorite asset on which you always prefer to trade. Trade for at least a week to get familiarized with the broker platform.

Get an account with a Payment mode

The most commonly used payment mode is SkrillClick here to read more about it).  This is the best available because of its low transaction fees, accurate exchange price, and fast transaction. They are quick at verifying the accounts and also work with almost all the platforms available in the binary options industry. If you have not got an account with them yet, please Click Here to get yourself registered with one of the most trusted payment wallets in the world.

Check for Bonus and its terms for withdrawal

If you are looking for a long term of trading cycle, without any withdrawals for more than a quarter of months, a bonus is the best option you can have. On saying that, if you have a short-term investment plan and you are looking for a quick withdrawal. DO NOT choose to have a bonus to trade. If at all you have selected it, you can cancel it before starting to trade. The best broker in the market which provides a decent turnover rate with its bonus is Iqoption.  Do check the demo of the broker, please click here and try a demo with it. You will definitely love the way they work. (visit this page to know more about Iqoption)


Check for a signal provider

If you have not learned how to trade on your own, do not risk trading with real money. Once a money is gone, will never be back to your account even if you cry in front of your account manager. It is always good to have a manual trader and follow someone from many of the groups available in facebook. Click here to find the best binary options group which provide signals for free. They have got some exceptional admins, some exceptionally helpful members and all winning with an ITM rate of more than 75%. Do not trade alone if you are new to this business. If you want to trade on your own, there are a few auto traders available in the market. Since we are here to provide the free for options to you, Click Here to get access to a free signal provider software which has over 85% of winning rate. Make sure to read about the rules and regulations and working of the software, here.

Terminologies used in Binary Options

ITM – In the Money: it is a winning signal.

OTM- Out of The Money: It is a losing signal.

EOD – End Of Day: The last expiry available in your broker. It is mostly between 17 GMT to 23 GMT in most brokers.

SR –  Strike Rate: It is the value of an asset at which a trade is supposed to be executed.

Call: It is also termed as High, Up, buy, or Rise. The lowest SR for this type of trade increases the possibility of a winning trade.

Put: It’s also termed as Low, Down, Sell or Fall. The highest SR for this type of trade increases the possibility of a winning trade.

Signal: This is the term used by traders for the message being passed about a trade prediction.

WFME: Wait For My Entry. Signal providers often use this to ask the followers to wait till they provide their entry SR, in order to keep them safe during the poor market conditions as well.

Binary options and forex have been chosen as a source of income by many people around the world. The only reason which people lack is a proper guidance to step ahead. If you are interested in starting trading and looking forward for someone who will guide you and teach you everything about trading, for free, please write your email ID in the comment box below or send us an email at or contact me on WhatsApp at +61416926592.

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