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A trading platform that allows investors and traders to place trades and monitor accounts, the FM-fx is a Forex and CFD broker. In an effort to ensure a leveled field to both beginner and experienced investors, they provide a retail platform accessible to anyone willing to join the trade. It remains to be one of the most preferred financial market platforms, with clients all over the globe. The FM-fx sets itself apart as a Forex broker that seeks to ensure quality services for clients from all over the world, irrespective of their location.The platform boasts of being run by experienced professionals, with just the right attitude towards their clients and the financial market industry.

With a respectable reputation that has been maintained from the beginning of its operation, the FM-fx Financial Market is surely a one of the trusted Forex brokers that you should really consider to sign up for. If you don’t believe me, then read on and let me tell you why they should be your number one go to broker.

Scam Brokers or not?

The FM- FX has been carefully examined by a leading investigative body, which was impressed with what it had to offer. The brokerage provided is one that ensures a safety environment for your funds, by having your investments protected and helping you to multiply your returns while ensuring they are at the very least exposed to any type of risk.

In compliance to the law, regular inspections by financial institutions and accounting firms have established that investors’ capital is kept aside in secured accounts.During initial signing up with FM-fx and depositing of funds, traders have to take part in a verification procedure that guarantees that there will not be any type of theft identity or misconduct from their end. Verification also takes place during withdrawals, to ensure that the person withdrawing is the actual account owner.

There are strict rules and policies by FM-fx against any form of money laundering. This is to ensure safety and security for all investors’ money.

FM-fx trading options

Upon joining FM-fx, you will get a range of three trading options that you have to choose from to use, but if you prefer, you could utilize them all. All this, to create an environment that allows for your specific needs as a trader to be met.

Here are the three options available for you as a trader:

Web trader

This is an option that allows you to invest directly through your browser. You however have to be smart about it, by understanding and being able to predict market trends. As long as you have a device that can connect to the internet, you are all set. The web trader will provide needed information with updated charts, trading cubes that you can use to specifically choose the information you want to monitor, visual trends and a demo account with virtual funds that you can use within 14 days.

Meta Trader

This is the most popular software used for Forex investments. A fully developed environment  that allows you to among others; carry out Forex trades and investments, take positions and close them and make analysis and while being able to follow trends.  It provides all the necessary requirements for you to be able to perform all the mentioned tasks. You can have this downloaded from the FM-fx website and connect with your login details.

Mobile App

With the fast paced world that we are living in, the FM-fx brand has found a way to ensure convenience for you at the palm of your hand, by having their mobile app. This way, you can invest, monitor your transactions and manage your account on the go. Their mobile app can be downloaded and installed by clients with both iOS and Android operating systems.

FM-fx Client Account Types & Guardian Angel

FM-fx has three main types of accounts: Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts. These accounts are different in terms of the spreads and leverage offered on various assets and asset categories. They also have a dedicated Islamic Account that you can exchange in for free and without any additional commission fees.

In an effort to set itself apart,the FM- fx Finanancial Market has made available a  Guardian Angel benefit, which is a completely free update system developed by their team. With this advanced notification system, you can always closely monitor your account activity thanks to the constant updates and notifications.

It is also important to mention that with the FM-fx Guardian Angel benefit, you are constantly on the up to date about current financial trends and real time events which can influence your trading. Not just that, you can get recommendations as well on your next best moves to increase your profits; based on market volatility and stop- loss calculations. This is among the reasons why FM-fx is a leading financial market.


How to get started on FM-fx

This is simple; you only need to fill a provided form and then decide whether you want a demo account (just to get a feel of what goes on at FM-fx) or a live account. The best thing is that once you understand how things work and are ready to upgrade to a live account, you can easily switch, at any given time. It is recommended that you start off with a demo account especially if you are a novice investor, as you get educational materials that in will aid in making informed decisions in future.

Note that you will also be needed to deposit initial capital after which you can place investments and watch as you begin to make profits. Additionally, here is a video link below to learn the basics of a Forex trading. Click here and join this group for a complete community of happy traders.


Excellent Customer Service

You can reach the customer service team of FM-fx via various platforms such as through a live chat on their official website, or you could simply give them a call or  drop them an e-mail. For specific needs that need specific attention, download Teamviewer for assistance to enhance your experience.


Now what more could you ask for if you could get a reliable trading broker that meets your specific needs, ensures that you are well equipped for a greater experience while securing your investments and maximizing on your profits? Make that smart move and join FM-fx for a better life.


FM-fx is one of the most trusted brokers in the Optionsbin list of Forex brokers. Considering the grounds of financial transactions, FM-fx is one of the most trusted and secured. Open a demo account by clicking the link below and contact us at in case you wish to have further training on forex trading. Post your comments if you are already using it or if have not used it yet, start with a demo account by clicking the link below.

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