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Licenses and Regulation is a leading binary options trading platform in the global financial market. The broker offers a comprehensive product suite coupled with flexible pricing, which has earned the site an enviable reputation in online options trading. Superior ethical standards and finest trading quality of the site delivers to users one of the best trading experiences ever. Despite gaining popularity in the recent times, with the platform launched in 2000, this is one of the most oldest binary options companies in the market. They have traded for over 2 billion dollars worth of business till date. These numbers speak of their loyal customer base for their services.

While there have been prevailing issues with binary options regulations in different countries, this broker is regulated in Australia, India, Singapore and almost all the countries, you name it and it is available in that particular country. It is licensed and regulated in the British Isles, Japan and Malta, since 2015. The prime reason why most brokers do not process the withdrawals because they are themselves scammed by various banks and agencies. In, all the amounts generated from the winning trades are kept safe in various licensed financial institutions. This makes you avoid being scammed in a bigger way.

Beneficial Features

By using for your options trading, you are set to profit in a big way. This award winning trading broker has several outstanding features.

Trading at its Best offers the best options for all newbie traders. Traders get to enjoy many perks such as

  • Identify the risks and potential rewards before buying a contract.
  • Ability to choose payment while system calculates stake needed to buy the contract.
  • Customers get to choose the stake amount. Additionally, they can select the payout they are targeting from a winning trade. This is yet another unique feature provided by the company.
  • Only the initial stake is at risk while the stake does not increase ever.
  • You can sell contract before the expiry to minimize loss or retain the profits earned so far.

Efficient Trading offers a highly efficient trading platform. The trendy and innovative website makes it easy for newbies to start trading and win profits. Some of the best features offered include

  • Trading available for all expires. This is a unique feature provided by this broker, and makes it the favorite one among the traders. An expiry can be set for any time except between 21 GMT to 23:59 GMT. If you are stopping to trade because there is a news ahead and your broker is providing the expiry you are looking for, then this is the broker you are looking for.
  • All currency pairs and commodities are available for trading.
  • $5 is the minimum deposit required. If you still think this is too much, open a demo account here. They are good enough to provide demo accounts with balance of 10,000.
  • $1 is the minimum trade size.

Customers trading with are guaranteed to see super-fast execution of the trades they place. All deposits are held in separate trust account and are not used for any other purpose.

Secure High Profits

Trading at is the most simplest and profitable for all traders, beginners, as well as pros. Customers registering with are provided with the best trading experience.

  • Verification of account is simple and straightforward.
  • Skrill and credit card payment modes are accepted for deposit and withdrawal.
  • All expiries for binary options see a high payout ranging up to 90%. The payout rates changes with the volume of market, but still it stays above what all the other binary options brokers provide. The high/low and touch/no touch trades have even higher returns above 1000%. Professionals can use this feature to earn tons of amount when it is a high volatile news hour.
  • $10,000 is the limit for withdrawal at a given time.
  • Withdrawals take about 2 -3 days and some times within a day as well.

Withdrawals and Verification

With award winning customer service team, this broker has a decent waiting time for the withdrawal requests. They usually take 2-3 days, but sometimes even process it in the same day if you are too lucky. The local helplines are available for Australia, Germany, Indonesia, UK, Canada, Russia, Poland and Ireland. Contacting them with a direct number will definitely make you less impatient and get your requests processed faster. In case you can not make it for the calls, live chat option is always available to meet your needs. They usually do not have a verification process, rather they just provide an one-time-password to your registered email account, and once you enter the same code in the withdrawal page, your withdrawal is successfully requested. Easy, right? But, if you are having over $10k to withdraw at the same time, you need to get your account verified by sending your identity proofs only.

With top-notch client service and an award-winning platform, is a go-to site for securing huge profits in options trading. To see the benefits complementing your desires, please visit

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