Ayrex: Things to know before you register

Ayrex is a leading Options trading broker with numerous awards and accolades since it began offering options trading. It is renowned for its sophisticated and ultra-quick trading that take place under 28 milliseconds, thus benefiting both the experienced traders and the beginners alike. This is a perfect platform for short-term binary options trading. Customers enjoy this platform which has the fastest profit withdrawals and deposits.

The outstanding features of the trading platform are as follows:

Simple and Efficient

The trading platform is exceptionally designed, making it a wonderful experience for customers who can start trading and earn profits in an incredibly fast time. All new traders are assured of payouts up to 90% with a minimal investment. The layout of the platform is very simple and this makes it the standout Binary Options broker for a novice trader. They are also providing a decent mobile application which makes personal trading on the go. The minimum amount needed in your wallet to start off trading with this platform is just $5.

Fastest Trading Platform

Customers can open trades in just 0.028 seconds. Withdrawals are as fast as deposits, so customers can earn profits in just a few seconds. With over 140000 traders across more than 90 countries, Ayrex is considered as the best binary options platform in the market. It has been awarded as the “Most Innovative Broker” in the year 2015. This is the favorite platform for most of the traders for a reason that they get the perfect strike rate that they have wished to click.

Innovative Platform

Trading is designed innovatively at All withdrawals are automatic, which is the first of its kind in the industry. Over 96% of all withdrawals are automatic, letting traders focus their attention on other vital aspects. Customers use actual quotes for guaranteed results, so it’s like what you see, what you get. The platform has over 70 instruments, including indices, stocks, commodities and several forex pairs. This broker makes almost all the stocks available for trading from the London Market as well as the New York Market.

Reliable Broker

The journey made by Ayrex so far is praiseworthy. Since its inception, has gained a reputation of being a trusted broker with exceptional payouts. All popular assets have about 85% of payouts here. The true payouts for the top pairs are as follows:
With a 24/7 support team for assistance, customers can gain immensely from the ultra-short turbo trading deals beginning from 30 seconds.

Competition 365 days

The thing which made this broker among the most popular brokers is the feature of participating in its competition for free. For all new registrations, you need not deposit a cent and participate in the competition and the may be the amount earned on virtual money will be real money for you. This really encourages trading-lovers who can’t afford to initiate their trading careers, yet have a capability to win fortunes for themselves.

Excited about the competition where you have nothing to lose, but a great chance of winning a few hundred dollars?Just watch out for the magical banner which could just make you richer by $200.

Yes, it is a truth, you get $30 for just entering your name and email address and you get a chance to receive an easy $200. With its accolades and recognitions going in favor of Ayrex that speak volumes about the customer-friendly features, it takes care of your first step to trading which improves your success rate. To get started, please visit .

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