AnyOption: Scam Review

After a tired search of looking after the perfect binary options broker, AnyOption could be one of the solutions that could land you into a peace of mind. With a tag line saying “Anyone can trade”, AnyOption has one the most user-friendly platforms ever found in this industry.

Licenses and Regulations

AnyOption holds the license from CySec in Cyprus. With license # 187/12, and an office running since 2008, this is a legitimate broker and not a scam. The CySec certificate can be found on their website. Currently, they are licensed in South Africa by FSB as well and are working as Basfour 3773 PTY Ltd, with a license # FSP 42020.

Trading Platform

The trading platform is pretty straight forward with options like the turbo, touch, and no touch, high-low, and up-down. You can always visit the site here, and check the layout with a demo account. With the amazing feature of the mobile app, it gives you an advantage of trading on the go. The only problem with the mobile app is the charts do not show up properly, which may need you to open another page of charts to check when to strike in the trade.

With a Minimum deposit of $250 and a minimum stake size of $25, this is practically not a broker to be chosen with this proportion of stake size. In case you are a beginner, it is always a safer option to go for a deposit of $500, or you can be sure enough to just have one trade in a day and wish it to end up as a winning one.

All the assets are available with major forex pair, stocks from UK and US markets, commodities with crude oil, except silver. It has also got indices in the list with FTSE and Ibex. So, overall you will be finding every asset you will be looking in at. The average payout is somewhere between 65% and 77%. The turbos have a high payout though. AnyOption does not vary the payouts frequently like other binary options brokers, rather they notify about the same before hand.

Deposit and Withdrawal

There are no fees being charged as long as you are withdrawing once in a month. They may charge extra depending on the type of deposit you are opting for. Deposit is done instantly and withdrawal takes about 3-5 working days to be processed. It is advised to make deposit through Skrill to avoid high exchange rates being charged by the banks. If you do not have a Skrill account, click the link mentioned below.

Open an Account and its verification

Opening an account is easy with a simple click here. Their process of verifying is something that takes a while but no longer than 3 working days. You will be asked to upload a proof of address, and a proof of identity, and in case the payment is by credit card, they will ask you a copy of the credit card with your name showing up in it.  In this case, the best option could be to make the transactions through Skrill(click here in case you don’t have a Skrill account). With the mobile app, this is even easier since you have an option to upload the image instead of sending it to the support team by mail. There is a live chat option as a callback option, where you can drop by and send your query and the account manager will give you a call back whenever it is the working hours for them.

CopyOp: The Autotrading Feature

This is one of the best innovations ever shown in the field of social trading. The way how it works is they will be linking your facebook account with the AnyOption account. You can invite your facebook friends to join you in the AnyOption broker and have a CopyOp account. CopyOp uses the same login credentials as you are using to login in the AnyOption page. Therefore, in order to use CopyOp, you need to first signup with AnyOption.

Once you take a trade in the CopyOp, it is reflected on your profile wall, and everyone in the community can see what trade you have taken. On viewing that, other members have a choice to either copy you or follow you. On selecting the “Copy” option, the trades taken by the profile is directly executed in your profile too. In case you miss out staying in front of your computer screen during your favorite trading our, or if you see a fantastic trader who has been performing well throughout the last quarter, here is your choice to use this trade copier. On the other hand, on choosing “follow” option, you will be receiving text notifications of the trades which the followed profile takes. This is a simple method for beginners to start with. But since $25 is a big stake to be put at risk, you can always open a Demo account and check how profitable you are. Moreover, all the profiles do have a record of data showing risk quantity, win percentage as well as the number of followers someone has.

As far as you are a good trader and people are often following you and have started copying your trades, you have an option to earn coins. The accumulated coins can be converted into real money which can be further used for trading in the same account or can be withdrawn if you opt to. Though the details about the latest deals are mentioned on the website, here is a simple mathematics on how much you can earn if you are trading every day,

On an average, a trader takes 5 trades in a day. Each trade with minimum stake size of $25 gives you 1 coin. The higher the stake size, the more the number of coins you get. But for illustration purpose, let us consider just $25 as the stake size chosen by your copiers. As a result, 5 trades will yield you 5 coins. This is for each copier you have. If you have around 30 copiers, you are making 150 coins a day.  Consequently, in a week, it will end up to 750 coins, which is equivalent to around $160. This is just an extra income which you are getting just by doing your normal trading session. This is something that needs to be looked at if you want to make more money from what you are already doing.

Why Should You Join AnyOption?

In the end, it always ends up to earn money smoothly. Anyoption gives you an option to trade manually and keep yourself in the same traditional money-making process. In addition to that, you have CopyOp, which is just a money maker for you.

If you are already with AnyOption, please post your comments below and help people know about it. If you find this article useful, share it with your friends and loved ones.!

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